Breathe Life Back Into Your Health Blog With These 10 Tricks

When you’re stuck in a blogging rut, keep in mind these 10 ways to breathe life back into your health blog. Following these tips can not only help re-establish your expertise but they can also help improve your health content and the quality of your blog.


If your health and wellness business has a branded blog, then you know it can be hard sometimes to keep on blogging. It may seem like you’re running out of ideas or constantly writing about the same old things. Over time, you may start to lose momentum and eventually your content quality may suffer.

Remember that this happens to everyone who has ever ventured into the world of online marketing. But there are ways to get out of your blogging slump and take action to improve your health blog content.

10 Ways to Improve Your Health Content

If you’re tired of posting about the same superfoods, yoga poses or 15-minutes workouts, then here are some ways to breathe life back into your health blog.

Follow these tips to help you improve your health content and make things interesting again.

1. Include Research

Whether it’s producing entire posts on one particular study or sprinkling in some research and statistics, scientific findings are a great way to add more depth to your health content. For one thing, many readers prefer to obtain their information from a scientific standpoint as opposed to maybe reading how-tos or even persuasive posts.

Additionally, adding in scientific studies into your health content is an excellent way to use outbound links to authoritative content – something that’s important for SEO.

2. Share Personal Experiences

Whether you’re a solopreneur or a team, sharing your own personal experiences can help to spice up your health content. Readers can get a better sense of your brand and your expertise simply by getting to know you better.

Try running a series of blog posts, highlighting several of your own personal experiences in health and wellness. Or publish one personal experience article per team member. Have each person write their own to give it more uniqueness and authenticity.

The great thing about sharing personal experiences is that they’re your own. So it won’t require lots of research or preparation time to produce – just write from the heart!

3. Share Reader Experiences

While you’re in the sharing mood, why not also publish a customer’s experience about their health journey. It could be an excerpt from a comment they left or email they sent. You could even have them submit their own story. Readers will start to see themselves relating to your other customers, which builds interest and eventually loyalty.

Just be sure to get your customer’s permission before posting anything they’ve written.


4. Give Actionable Advice

While some posts may be more insightful or personal, others should be full of actionable, useful tips, techniques, how-tos and resources that leave the reader feeling like they gained value by reading. It’s important to have a good balance of these types of posts throughout your blog archives as they can turn out to be highly shareable.

Better yet, craft an accompanying infographic or imagery to outline to the action tips so readers can save them to their phones and reference them later. Providing these additional items alone can really help improve your health content.

5. Weigh in on Interesting Industry Topics

Within your own micro-niche, whether it’s yoga instruction, nutritional coaching, or personal training, what are the controversial topics? Or the groundbreaking technologies or practices that are getting a lot of buzz?

Write a perspective piece on what the industry is talking about and what advice you can give to readers regarding it.

6. Leverage Industry Trends

Blog posts that feature trends are always a great way to encourage more readership and sharing. Look at your particular niche and notice any major shifts that have taken place over the past several months. What influence does technology or even economics have on industry trends?

Search for relevant articles to draw inspiration from. Compile your own authority piece on trends you see that are shaping the future of your industry. Explain how these trends can benefit the lives of your readers.

7. Provide Valuable Tools

Because health is a journey towards changing your habits, why not offer your readers something valuable that will help them win. Whether it’s a checklist, a meal planning guide or coaching worksheets you have the expertise to deliver practical tools that can improve the lives of your readers.

These can be easy to make and publish as a download. Accompany these downloads with a blog post explaining best practices for using them and you’ve got some great new material to improve your health content.


8. Focus on Integrated Health

As the expert, you know that the only way for your customers to see lasting change is if they fully integrate their healthy habits into their lifestyle.

By providing blog posts on how to integrate healthy living into other areas of their lives, you can go the extra mile in helping your readers. Create blog posts about how to incorporate healthy living into family life, work, travel, social settings, church or volunteer events. This will inspire people to intentionally let their healthy practices seep into the rest of their lives as opposed to just having it scheduled into the calendar for an hour a day.

9. Give Specific Examples

If you’re writing posts on actionable advice, be sure to use specific examples that can relate to different types of readers. You could try giving specific tips for moms, dads, students, busy professionals, or even seniors.

The more specific your examples can be, the more your readership will feel more engaged in your content. It will also deepen their understanding of your expertise.

10. Write for Several Stages

Along the health journey, there will be beginners, intermediates and experts. So be sure to segment your content and write it to an audience within each of the stages of healthy living. You may even want to label your content by the stage that it’s best geared towards.

For example, you could use the term “Beginner’s Guide”. Or you could pique interest by asking “do you know these expert tips?” to intrigue your audience of experts.

This strategy also provides you with more topic ideas and content repurposing opportunities to publish more specific, unique and relevant content.

Planning Your Content Strategy

These tips can help spark new inspiration and deliver more valuable and unique content to your readers. These tips can also help you think of new ways to leverage your expertise and build authority as a health expert.

A huge part of running a successful company or branded blog is the content planning and strategizing. If you are currently hosting a blog but are feeling stuck and scattered, then it’s time to get planning!

I’ve created a guide just for you called the 7 Steps to Becoming Better & Faster at Publishing Your Health Blog. You can download it for free below and start planning and strategizing a better blog today.

What new ideas and tactics have you implemented on your health blog to spice things up? Which of these tips can you start working on today to improve your health content?

Breathe Life Back Into Your Health Blog With These 10 Tricks

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