Freelance Blogging Service for Hire

Have you said this phrase too many times?

“If only someone could just write these blog posts for me.”

Blogging isn’t just something that’s nice to do. It must be done in order to stay competitive, engage with your audience, generate online inquiries, and communicate important and compelling information to existing and future customers.

Don’t believe me? Ask HubSpot.

But the bar has been set pretty high when it comes to blogging standards. Search engines – and customers – are looking for high-quality, unique and relevant content that adds value. This means it’s incredibly time-consuming to create something worth publishing. But it is worth it.

This is where I come in. Have your company blog planned, written, optimized and managed by a professional blogger.

Full-service blogging includes:

  • Four blog posts (1,600-2,000 words each)
  • Pre-planning topics, headlines and key phrases
  • Topic researching (Including applicable data, statistics and fact-checking)
  • Content writing
  • Editing & proofreading
  • Entering into CMS (WordPress, Drupal etc.)
  • SEO & formatting
  • Images (obtaining and inserting)
  • Scheduled publishing


Below are the phases of my blogging service and how we’ll work together.

Discovery (Complimentary)

When working together we start by finding out exactly who your audience is. Who are your customers? What interests them? What content has worked in the past and what hasn’t?

I also want to get to know you! What is your company story? What message is important to your organization? What topics are important to cover? This information is what makes your brand different. It must shine through in every blog post.

Testing (Complimentary)

Once the initial information-gathering stage is complete, I write a test post for you – a short 300-400 word post on a topic of your choice. If you like it we proceed or otherwise make necessary revisions.


Next is the editorial planning phase. Blog topics are brainstormed and prioritized. I help you decide the most important topics to cover. What are some unique ideas that no one else has covered? What’s the most valuable content for your customers?

In this phase, we also explore the most effective key phrases to build the content around.


Blog posts for the next three months are planned and scheduled. Keep in mind – there’s always room for flexibility! This is a jumping off point and can be adjusted if new events, breakthroughs or updates come through.


Blog posts are written, edited and proofread. Posts are added to your CMS for formatting and SEO. Images are sourced, inserted and optimized. I finish off by scheduling your posts to be published on the pre-planned timeline.

Now it’s your move!


I choose who I work with! This is why I exclusively work with small to medium sized business in the health and wellness, productivity and environmental innovation markets. Why? Because it’s what I’m passionate about! This means your business is guaranteed to have posts with both knowledge and passion.

Coming from an entrepreneurial upbringing, I have a place in my heart for helping small and medium-sized organizations grow their business and develop new opportunities.

Who is my ideal client?

  • An innovative, customer-success-oriented company that values their website’s blog.
  • A company that is committed to building long-term relationships (this is why I work on a minimum six-month commitment).
  • An engaged and positive attitude with a love for delivering valuable content to readers!


I believe in delivering value: Well-written quality content that nails your brand’s voice, always produced on time. Guaranteed.

Unlimited Revisions: If you’re not satisfied with your post, we revise until it meets your standards.

Money Back: Still not right? You don’t pay.

Get FULL SERVICE BLOGGING for only $899/month      

*minimum 6-month commitment